Monday, October 8, 2012


Its been a while since all of you have heard from me. I doing well and been so so busy. We are getting ready to welcome two new additions to our family; twin boys Alex and Nick. Very exciting. I have been in the recording studio as well with Center Sound Records finishing a few more songs. I will be releasing my song this week along with a great Music Video Contest. Over $500 in prizes offered. Get your video camera/cell phone out and start recording. Adults and Children are both allowed to enter this contest. Full rules will be posted on our new site. Next, I have been training my brother who is a basset hound, Wrigley, to start taking over the family business. Wrigley and I are in the process of writing a cooking book. You will also see more of Wrigley and his adventures soon. Also, Wrigley and I have finished writing our first pilot episode of "PAW CITY DOGS" Yes, I becoming a cartoon and we have a series we are putting together. We will be looking for sponsor for our episodes. ...Stay tune Last but not least, I have been working on my new website. It will be easier to navigate and learn about my new projects. I hope everyone will visit often and spread the word. Thanks for being patient, but as you know when I am quite I usually have something exciting I am working on. Hugs and Licks: MAX